Sunday, March 2, 2014

Justice 4 Justina

Justina’s life is at stake because of this “game” they play..
Bader 5 and dirty doctors, drug companies will pay.

Diagnosing Mitochondrial disease is not easy to do,
BCH kidnapped Justine, when she went in for the flu.

Doctors with an agenda, Somataform they say,
Taken off her medication, getting worse by the day.

Psyche drugs forced on her, the choice not her own
How may never be known.

Ripped from her parents, locked in a cell,
Alone and afraid, her life a living hell.

A 15 year old girl, lost a year of her life
A happy family torn apart by strife.

No parties, no dances, no hanging with friends,
No shopping at the mall for the latest trends.

A gag order placed on her family, leaving them mute,
Making accusations near impossible to refute.

Justice for Justina I will gladly defend,
Until this travesty comes to an end.

My prayer God, is to hold her tight
Keep her safe until things are made right.


Jennifer Crispaldi


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